Pet Diagnostics in Peotone, IL

When your pet is feeling under the weather, you want as much information as soon as possible. Our fully equipped diagnostic services offer a wide array of tools and procedures to get as much accurate information as quick as possible.

Some of our pet diagnostic tools include:

  • Digital radiography (x-ray)
  • Digital dental radiographs
  • Ultrasonography—abdominal
  • Fully equipped surgical suite
  • Complete in-house laboratory
  • Intestinal parasite screening
  • Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasma testing
  • Fungal cultures
  • Glucose curve
Pet Diagnostics in Peotone, IL: Sleepy dog laying on his owner's knee

About Peotone Animal Hospital’s Digital Imaging:

Digital radiography offers high resolution radiographs (x-rays) within moments.  The benefit to your pet is that we are able to get the information we need quickly allowing our veterinarians to formulate a plan for your pet’s treatment sooner.  We also have access to send digital x-rays to a board certified veterinary radiologist.