Outside of Peotone Animal Hospital

What Is The Edy Fund?

The Edy fund, began in 2010 for a cherished dog named Edy. Her unbreakable spirit, unconditional love, and bravery were an inspiration to us all. The fund was created to allow others to come together and fund her care when the damage was so extensive and the necessary treatment was going to be expensive.

The Edy fund makes it possible for us to offer medical care to lost/stray animals in need, restoring them to health and helping them find their forever homes.

Edy’s Story

Edy was a stray found in disastrous condition, with most of her hair missing and large wounds dotting her skin. She was also malnourished and terrified. Our team was able to provide prompt care to her, and in that process we discovered that she had a severe case of mange. Through the help of the clients of Peotone Animal Hospital who love animals as much as our own team does, we were able to get Edy the care she needed and she made a full recovery. She is now living happily with her forever family, and she even has her own room!

Donate to the Edy Fund

Are you interested in submitting a donation to the Edy Fund? We are so grateful for your desire to help animals in need! Please contact our team to make your donation today.

Edy’s Angels

These are some of the wonderful animals the Edy Fund has been able to help!