Our Animal Hospital in Peotone, IL has Fear Free Certified Professionals

Our goal is to relieve the fear and anxiety of every patient, every time by providing a low-stress, calm environment.  Our staff will treat your pet in a gentle, safe, and humane way as we deliver the medical care needed by your pet.

The moment you enter our hospital, you will know that this is a different kind of animal hospital.  We have looked at every aspect and have tried our best to make it a low-stress environment.  For our feline friends; you and your cat will be immediately escorted into our cat-only room! The cat room has been tailored to the specific needs of your kitty! We use a special calming pheromone to infuse the room to help your kitty feel right at home. We have special treats, toys, places to hide and play while your kitty is examined.  We will use low stress techniques and special handling methods while performing medical procedures on your pet.

Fear Free Certified Professional

In our dog rooms, you’ll hear soothing music that has been specifically selected for calming dogs and helping them relax.  We use essential oils, like lavender, to help create a peaceful space for you and your pup!  We have a selection of treats and goodies for your dog to try during their visit! It’s important to bring your pup in with an empty stomach.  We will be offering them some tasty treats while here to help make them more comfy during their exam and procedures. Food can be a great way to help reward your pup for good behavior and encourage them to enjoy their visits!  Please let us know if you or your pet has food allergies so we can accommodate that.

Our highly skilled staff knows how to read the body language and signals your pet is communicating with us during their visit and can tailor to their specific needs.  Let us know if your pup prefers the table or the floor, your lap, or the comfy chair! We will go to where your pup is most comfortable.

Find out more at fearfreepets.com