Outside of Peotone Animal Hospital

About Peotone Animal Hospital in Peotone, IL

Peotone Animal Hospital has been serving the community since it was first established as a family-owned business in 1954. The practice was originally founded in June of 1954 when Dr. James H. Nadler graduated from University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. The foundation of our practice’s mission from day one has been client care. The hospital moved to its current location in 1963, to a building that used to be called Curve Inn. The practice continued to grow and add veterinarians through the years. At one time, there were 4 Dr. Nadlers practicing here: James H. Nadler (father/founder), Jay H. Nadler (son), Jill Nadler, now Dougherty (daughter) and Yvonne Nadler (daughter-in-law). In 1994, Drs. Jay Nadler and Yvonne Nadler took over the reins of the practice. From 1996 to 1998, the practice underwent a complete remodel and the new kennel facility was added.

Fun Facts About Peotone Animal Hospital

Did you know that our building was built in the 1920s, and before it became Peotone Animal Hospital in 1963, it was a bar/café/dance hall called the “Curve Inn”? Here is a video of Dr. James H. Nadler, the founder and original owner of Peotone Animal Hospital, gutting the Curve Inn and beginning construction on the animal hospital. The video features Dr. Nadler and his siblings.