Monee Area Vets Care for Your Pets

If you’re a pet owner in the Monee area and your furry friend is due for some medical care, bring them in to see us at Peotone Animal Hospital. Our Monee area vets see both dogs and cats on a regular basis. They work to carry out our hospital’s mission, which is to provide service to pets and owners that’s not only high-quality, but compassionate. While your furry friend is in the care of our Monee area vets, they will tend to their every need with understanding and kindness. Along with that, we promise to always educate owners about the well-being of their dog or cat, and the condition they are in. After all, at Peotone Animal Hospital, we have the same goal you do as an owner: to help your family pet live a long and healthy life.

Our Veterinary Services

At Peotone Animal Hospital, our Monee area vets provide the following services for your furry friends:

  • Preventive care for pets of all ages, including annual physical exams and vaccinations
  • In-house diagnostics in the form of blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, and urine and fecal exams
  • Elective pet surgery, including orthopedic procedures
  • Pet dentistry, which includes oral exams, teeth cleaning, potential extractions, and good home dental hygiene instructions
  • Pet euthanasia services for older and sicker pets, including an in-house crematorium for after-care if needed

Peotone Animal Hospital also has laser therapy available to both dogs and cats. Just as a laser is used during our various surgical procedures, one can also be used as a therapy. If your furry friend suffers from arthritis or chronic joint pain, applying laser to affected areas will provide them with pain relief. Laser therapy is also a good tool for those recovering from surgery. Utilizing this method helps immensely with healing.
If you live in the Monee area and want to bring your pet to Peotone Animal Hospital, contact us at (708) 258-6191

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