Dog and Cat Surgery in Peotone, IL

There is a lot of stress and anxiety surrounding surgery for your pet.  Some pet owners even delay necessary procedures because their pet would require general anesthesia.  The veterinary team at Peotone Animal Hospital work very hard to ensure safe anesthetic events for each pet we admit for surgical procedures by offering high standards of surgical care.

Dog and Cat Surgery in Peotone, IL: Human hand holding dog paw

What you can expect for your pet’s surgery:

One of our skilled Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVT) will admit your pet at an appointed time the day of surgery.  During admission, you will have one-on-one time to ask any lingering questions and provide emergency contact numbers.  All of our pets that are undergoing a surgical procedure will have pre-anesthetic bloodwork performed.  With normal bloodwork results, we will proceed to provide the safest surgical event possible.  Throughout your pet’s surgery, your pet’s CVT will closely monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, breathing rate, and body temperature.  When the procedure is complete, we will contact you to discuss how the procedure went and schedule a discharge time where our CVT will go over personalized instructions for your pet.  We can also send you a picture!  We will send home pain medication to ensure a restful recovery.  Follow-up or suture removal appointments will be scheduled and you will be on your way!

Our Veterinarians provide many procedures. Our most common surgeries are:

  • Spay and Neuter
  • Lumpectomy (tumor removal)
  • Gastrotomy/Enterotomy (opening the stomach and/or intestines to remove foreign objects)
  • Cystotomy (bladder stone removal)
  • Enucleation (removal of the eye)
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Oral Surgery (check out our Dentistry page)
Dog and Cat Surgery in Peotone, IL: Cat with broken leg