Peotone Animal Hospital’s Veterinarians Serving Pets in Manteno

At Peotone Animal Hospital, your veterinarians in the Manteno area, we provide excellent veterinary care services for your pet. Are you looking for an animal hospital near Manteno? Why not visit Peotone Animal Hospital just a few miles down the road, where we’ve been in business for over 62 years? We provide dedicated veterinary services for Manteno pets as well as Peotone pets.

Manteno Veterinary Care

At our Manteno area animal hospital, we provide the following veterinary care services:

Dentistry for Manteno Area Pets

Pet dental care is one of the most important aspects of your pet’s health. We provide pet dental care to Manteno area pets for their benefit. We perform dental exams with the assistance of digital dental radiography, anesthetized dental cleanings, tooth extractions, and more, to prevent gum disease in dogs and cats.

Laser Therapy for Manteno Area Pets

At Peotone Animal Hospital, we provide laser therapy to help provide pain relief for Manteno area pets with arthritis, joint pain, pain caused by injury or surgery, and more. We provide Companion Laser Therapy to pets near Manteno.

Pet Laser Therapy in Peotone, IL

Vaccinations for Manteno Pets

At Peotone Animal Hospital, we provide individualized dog and cat vaccine plans. Our vaccines are specifically tailored to each individual pet’s needs, and we have an extended vaccine protocols to reduce the number of injections and possible side effects of vaccinations.

Dog and Cat Surgery Services for Manteno Area Pets

At Peotone Animal Hospital, your Manteno area pet care facility, we provide a variety of dog and cat surgery options, including a variety of elective surgeries and orthopedic surgery. We often use a Co2 laser for our surgical options.